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Brazil: World Cup Prep Expedited

Seems like the Samba pace needs an injection of Red Bull.  The Brazilian Congress approved special measures in the hope of spurring on development for the World Cup in 2014.  Who knows, maybe it’ll help the Selecao.

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Brazil: Sócrates as Modern Deity

To many, he was Superman.  His physical talents, his intellectual gifts, his love of living.  The Big Skinny!  What a player, what a person, what a human being.  Sócrates, the soccer great and medical doctor who transcended the sport through his involvement in Brazil’s pro-democracy movement and his outspoken defense of his own bohemian excesses,Continue Reading

Brazil: Rio Favelas the New Hot Spots

Whenever you travel, you really want to do what the locals do.  In Brazil, that is not only a dicey proposition, but also a downright scary one.  On a typical Friday night in Rio de Janeiro, a mix of young locals and tourists sip caipirinhas and dance along to a samba-infused rock band at theContinue Reading

Brazil – From Football Champ to Economic Powerhouse

Brazil is widely known as the home of Samba, Football – The Beautiful Game, Formula One Champions, and Carnival, among many other things.  Currently, Brazil is one of the stars of the world economy and investors, including from Malaysia, are zeroing into opportunities there. Scomi Engineering recently won a bid for a monorail project in Sao PauloContinue Reading

Rio: Olympics Obsession in Brazil

The Brazilian Olympic Committee is looking for its first top-10 finish in the medal count. Volleyball is expected to be its best sport but to realize its goal it also must develop athletes in events where it hasn’t traditionally been competitive.  Pole vaulting, perhaps?  Or maybe they’ll challenge the Asian dominance in Table Top Tennis,Continue Reading

Brazil: FIFA, Worried About Brazil’s Preparation for the World Cup

The General Secretary of FIFA, Jerome Valcke, has drawn an alarm signal over the stage of Brazil’s preparation for the World’s Football Cup in 2014. The French official said that the country didn’t make any progress. It has started the construction and the preparation, but the results aren’t encouraging. Read Chris Rembrant’s News in aContinue Reading