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Rio Film Festival Brings Cinema To Marvelous City

Not that one ever needs an excuse to go to Rio, but here’s a good one:  The Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival is flooding this beach-obsessed metropolis with some 400 movies, including new offerings from top directors like Francis Ford Coppola and Steven Soderbergh.  It’s a long way to travel to see a movie, but it’s worth it.

Read Jenny Barchfield’s Miami Herald article here:


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Brazil Outlaws Militias, Other Paramilitary Groups

You can no longer call Brazil a lawless place.  Brazil’s government says a law outlawing militias has taken effect.   Under the measure published in the official gazette, “organizing, being part of or maintaining” a militia or other paramilitary organization is now punishable by four to eight years in prison.  Before the law was passed,Continue Reading

Brazil’s Eike Batista on a Global Mission to Top Wealth List

Carlos Slim, look out.  Bill Gates, make way.  Sultan of Brunei, step aside.  In a continue effort to become the world’s richest man, Brazilian billionaire Eike Batista is selling the best performing of his six publicly traded companies in an effort to raise cash after his commodities and energy empire had a combined $458 millionContinue Reading

Brazil: Rio 2016 Committee in Shameful Theft Scandal

On the one hand, it’s very difficult to monitor and modulate the behavior of each and every one of your employees.  However, when you put on the flag of your country, you take on the role of an international ambassador and you must behave accordingly.  If you fail in doing so, you deserve whatever consequencesContinue Reading

Yale Says, We’ll All Look Like Brazilians

Americans tend to think of ourselves as the big “Melting Pot”.  Well, if you’ve ever been to Brazil, you soon realize that their pot melted so much it became a mold.  And, according to Yale professor of ecology and evolutionary biology Stephen Stearns, the mixed Brazilian ethnicity is the prototype for what the rest ofContinue Reading

Brazil: Falling Off the Boil?

Many of the pundits have been warning of a BRIC slowdown for quite some time.  Well, due to the economic crisis experienced by the developed countries, Brazilian export targets for 2012 are set to be missed for the first time since they were first introduced in 2003.  The slowdown is attributed to a crash inContinue Reading