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Brazil: Airports Gone Private

If you’ve ever been to Rio, one of the first things that will strike you is how ugly the Rio Airport is.  It looks like a concrete bunker.  Given the fact that the Germantown Favela is not far away, perhaps it is a concrete bunker.  Well, the guvment of Brazil is taking steps to change the experience ahead of the World Cup and the Rio Games. The Brazilian government privatized operations at three of the nation’s main airports earlier this week, awarding $14 billion in contracts to three consortiums that will expand and run terminals amid booming demand and ahead of the 2014 World Cup.  Now, if they could just do something about those favelas…

Read Bradley Brooks’ Miami Herald article here:

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Brazil: Another Guv Official Resigns

Eight is enough, but it probably isn’t the end.  Brazil’s minister of cities resigned Thursday amid allegations of irregularities, the eighth member of President Dilma Rousseff’s Cabinet to step down since June.  I don’t know if Brazil is legitimately trying to clean up, or merely prettying up for the World Cup in 2014. Read AssociatedContinue Reading