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Brazil: Economic Slowdown

If Brazil sneezes, Miami catches a cold.  Maybe not, but with the pace of the Brazilian boom, it sure feels like it.  However, recent measures could put the economy of South Florida’s largest trading partner back on the growth track by the second quarter of 2012.  Plus, Brazil has plenty of, uhm, “assets” to keep the world intrigued.  Stay tuned.

Read Mimi Whitefield’s Miami Herald article here:

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Miami Real Estate: Brazilian Firm Buys Low-Cost Home Plan from InnoVida

In the latest example of Brazilians having too much money, Millport Associates, a subsidiary of a Brazilian conglomerate, acquired InnoVida’s trade secrets in a bankruptcy auction.  I trust they did their due diligence, because it wasn’t exactly a secret what InnoVida was peddling. Read Mimi Whitefield Miami Herald article here: – Brought to youContinue Reading

Brazil: Sócrates as Modern Deity

To many, he was Superman.  His physical talents, his intellectual gifts, his love of living.  The Big Skinny!  What a player, what a person, what a human being.  Sócrates, the soccer great and medical doctor who transcended the sport through his involvement in Brazil’s pro-democracy movement and his outspoken defense of his own bohemian excesses,Continue Reading