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Brazil’s Tale of Two Middle Classes

Remember the phrase:  A rising tide lifts all boats.  Well, if your boat is leaking water and full of holes to begin with, a rising tide might just sink you.  For example, like other members of Brazil’s so-called “traditional” middle class, things have become harder for Ms. Beeby in recent years. The prices of meat and petrol have doubled, highway tolls have risen and eating out or buying property have become prohibitively expensive.  These are the consequences of a booming economy on those not prepared for the reality of the country’s new found wealth.


Read Joe Leahy’s Financial Times article here:


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Brazil’s Media Lash Team After Copa America Failure

Brazil’s media were scathing on Monday after the national team was unceremoniously dumped from the Copa America by Paraguay in a quarter-final penalty shoot-out. Perhaps Marta could have helped. Read Jamaica Observer’s article here: – Brought to you by The Victoria Law Group.

Rio: Nursing Students Travel to Brazil on Service Project

If your education doesn’t contain a component of international study and or travel to it, you’re being short-changed.  Recently, Chamberlain nursing students broadened their clinical experience while providing care to underserved Brazilian residents on a trip to the booming, yet still third-world, nation.  Read Market Watch’s article here: Brought to you by The Victoria LawContinue Reading

Anton/Bauer Expands Operations in Brazil

Vitec Group Videocom Division Opens Office in Sao Paulo to Service Customers, Support Dealers and Stock Product   Read Broadcast News Room article here:   Brought to you by The Victoria Law Group.

Rio: Olympics May Draw $34B in Investments

Rio de Janeiro is like a beauty queen:  Blessed with exquisite natural beauty, but still in need of some “finishing and polishing”.  Rio can expect about 53.2 billion reais ($34 Billion) in private investments linked to the World Cup and Olympic Games, outstripping the funding attracted by other recent host cities, a study showed onContinue Reading

Brazil’s Giddy Convergence

  Tom Jobim is famous for having written “Girl from Ipanema,” the sensuous, playful anthem of a sensuous, playful land. He’s almost equally famous for having said, “Brazil is not for amateurs.”   Read Roger Cohen’s The New York Times’ article here: – Brought to you by The Victoria Law Group.