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Brazil: Facebook Launches Ad Sales

Mark Zuckerberg has decided that he wants to learn how to Samba, sort of.  Facebook has opened an ad sales office in São Paulo, Brazil that apparently will serve as the social site’s headquarters for Latin America.  As for Samba, something tells me Zuckerberg will never get it, no matter how many Caipirinhas he has.  Now, if he opens the office in Rio, he has a better chance, at Samba that is.

Read Chirstopher Heine’s ClickZ News here:

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Brazil: World Cup Prep Expedited

Seems like the Samba pace needs an injection of Red Bull.  The Brazilian Congress approved special measures in the hope of spurring on development for the World Cup in 2014.  Who knows, maybe it’ll help the Selecao.   Read USA Today’s article here:   Brought to you by The Victoria Law Group.

Brazil: N.C. Furniture Scouts Brazil

In the United States, North Carolina has a reputation for supplying some of the best furniture at the best price anywhere in the country.  People plan special vacations around North Carolina furniture shopping.  Well now, a delegation from the Tar Heel State is heading south to Brazil.  Read Thomas Russell Furniture Today’s article here: Reading

Brazil: Plenty of Money

People are betting that the country of the future has finally arrived, creating admirable economic growth rates, newly minted billionaires, and giving hope to the economically deprived.  Is it worth the gamble? Read Michael Brissenden’s ABC News article here: Brought to you by The Victoria Law Group.